Police Department

Police Building
City of Ypsilanti Police Department
To Protect & Serve - Since 1858
  1. Mission Statement & Values

    Read our mission statement and values.

  2. History

    Like the City as a whole, the Ypsilanti Police Department has a history rich in Pride, Diversity, and Heritage that can be traced back as early as 1825, when the first settler, Benjamin Woodruff, became sheriff. Four years later, the job of constable became part of the general elections.

  3. Specialized Units

    Learn about the K-9 Officer and his partner Buky.

  4. Records Bureau

    The Records Bureau is responsible for processing all police incidents/reports and paperwork. In order to determine the status of a report, citizens should contact the Records Bureau.

  5. Parking Tickets

    Learn what to do if you receive a parking violation.

  6. Ordinance Enforcement

    Ordinance Enforcement is a division of the Police Department. Its purpose is to ensure safety and compliance with city code requirements.

  7. Community Involvement

    Read about how the Police Department participates with the community to help keep Ypsilanti safe.

  8. Safety Tips

    Keep yourself and your family safe with these safety tips.

  9. Area Crime Map

    View crime reports and a local crime map.

  10. Crime Stoppers

    Report a crime or share a tip.

  11. Helpful Resources

    We compiled a list of links that are answers to frequently asked questions.

  12. Washtenaw 100

    Washtenaw 100 supports the families of active police officers and fire fighters who serve within Washtenaw County.

  13. Police False Alarms

  14. Current News