Welcome to the City of Ypsilanti!

Ypsilanti is located just east of Ann Arbor and 35 miles from Detroit. Ypsilanti is known for its rich historical facilities, river side parks and is also home of Eastern Michigan University, which it collaborates with regularly. 

Ypsilanti prides itself on its green initiatives, including city-wide LED streetlights, the use of solar panels to produce energy, and a curbside textile recycling program. Ypsilanti has a large array of parks with over 10 for recreational purposes and a vast number of festivals that take place along the Huron River, bringing in large crowds of citizens and tourists alike, including the Heritage Festival, Elvisfest, Beer Fest, The Color Run and several car shows. 

The City has a growing downtown area and the historic Depot town with many thriving restaurants and attractions such as the Hudson Car Museum, and the fire fighters museum. Ypsilanti is also known to be rich of diversity and its many artistic endeavors to help people express themselves creatively. 

The City of Ypsilanti has been awarded a Foodie for best food destination, and in 2015 was ranked sixth in best place to live if you’re single. With its growing list of activities and population, Ypsilanti is the best kept secret in southeast Michigan!
  1. Double Trash Weeks

    Twice each year, the City of Ypsilanti allows city residents to put out twice their normal trash limit for collection. This year the "Double Trash" weeks will take place the week of April 23rd and August 20th on trash day. Read on...
  2. PUBLIC NOTICE: 2018 Special Events

    The purpose of the publication is for enforcement during special events and peak times per Chapter 86, Section 86-34(a) of the Ypsilanti City Code. Read on...
  3. PUBLIC NOTICE: Grass and Weeds Ordinance Violation

    Grass and weeds may not be permitted to grow higher than 10 inches. Tree limbs and branches shall be maintained a minimum of eight (8) feet above the sidewalks and public right-of-ways. Read on...
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