Starting, Expanding & Relocating a Business

Ypsilanti has a proud business community that includes the nation's oldest ladder manufacturing company  (Michigan Ladder), green businesses (Corner Brewery), small startups growing out of the SPARK East Incubator, and established restaurant and entertainment venues.

The process for starting, expanding or relocating a business does vary based on the business type and location, but the overall process is similar. The City's staff is committed to aiding businesses and developers through this process. If you have questions at any point, look to the lower left to find the appropriate contacts.

Building & Business Permit & Licensing Center

Links to various permits and liscenses.

Available Property

Visit here to search for available properties and to connect with the Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority, Spark East, and other popular resources for prospective business owners.  

Property Search

How to conduct a property search through the BS&A portal:


  • Search "Municipalities"
  • Select "Washtenaw County"
  • Select "City of Ypsilanti"

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