The City Assessor's primary mission is to value all legally assessable property in a uniform, fair, and impartial manner in accordance with the laws of the State of Michigan.   

The Assessor is required by state law to assess all assessable property as of December 31 at 50 percent of true cash value. The assessment roll must be completed and prepared by the Assessor for presentation to the March Board of Review.

Business Personal Property Tax Change:

Recently the State of Michigan changed Business Personal Property and it's impact on the business taxpayer and the community.  All personal property accounts with a true cash value of less than $80,000 are now exempt from taxation. The business owner is required to file a statement with the local municipality requesting the exemption.  Below are two links to the State of Michigan Department of Treasury's website. The first link will lead you to a directive from the State Tax Commission explaining the change. The second link is to the form that must be filed for the exemption.  To claim an exemption this form must be received by the Assessor no later than February 10, 2014.

P.A. 402 of 2012, Eligible Personal Property Exemption

City of Ypsilanti Hardship Guidelines 2015
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The City Assessor only maintains records for properties located within the City of Ypsilanti jurisdiction. Property information kept on properties located in Ypsilanti Township or other neighboring communities cannot be accessed from this website.

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