Fire Department

Ypsilanti City Fire and Rescue Engine 3

    The City of Ypsilanti Fire Service provides rapid and aggressive responses to fires and emergency medical requests utilizing limited resources to full effectiveness. We strive to meet the National Fire Protection Standard 1710 requirement of responding to an emergency within four minutes or less. 

    • The first three minutes are critical to life, property, and premises.  A rapid developing fire will require an occupant to escape within three minutes after a smoke alarm sounds.   Allowed to develop, the fire will destroy a single family home within twelve minutes.  Smoke will overcome an individual within minutes followed by loss of consciousness, brain damage within six minutes, and death within ten minutes. 
    • An offensive interior attack begins with fire personnel entering the burning building, conducting a search for person(s), extinguishing the fire, and conserving property.  The interior attack requires four firefighters and an incident commander to perform the initial attack with additional personnel on scene within eight minutes.


    Vacant and Dangerous Buildings

    The City of Ypsilanti Fire Service also serves as an inspecting agent of buildings deemed to be Dangerous or vacant according to the City's Dangerous Buildings Ordinance: "A representative of the city building department, with the assistance of the City Fire Department and/or Fire Marshal, shall inspect or cause to be inspected every building or structure or part thereof reported as or observed to be unsafe or damaged, and if such is found to be a dangerous building as defined in this article, the building department shall commence proceedings to cause the repair, rehabilitation, demolition, or removal of the building or structure."


    Fire Safety Checklist

    Check our our fire safety tips and checklists.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who would I call for information on my neighborhood watch?
    Information on Neighborhood Watch can be obtained by contacting the Public Safety Coordinator at (734) 822-4959.

    2. How often should I replace my smoke alarm?

    Smoke alarms should be tested every month and batteries replaced at least once a year or as needed. All alarms that are more than 10 years old should be replaced.

    3. Where can I get a fire extinguisher?

    Homeowners can purchase fire extinguishers at local area fire protection retailers. Most department and home improvement stores also carry them.

    4. Where can disabled residents get better information on how to be better prepared for emergencies?

    Information on preparing for emergencies (including a checklist for people with mobility problems) is available through the Washtenaw Chapter of the American Red Cross. They are located at 2729 Packard Road, in Ann Arbor, and can be reached by phone at (734) 971-5300.

    5. Can I burn leaves or conduct a bonfire on my own property?

    No, this violates the city's open burning ordinance. Click the link and search "open burning".

    6. How do I obtain a copy of my fire report?

    Contact the Fire Dept. with incident date and location (734) 482-9778.  There is a $15.00 administration fee for each report.

    7. What is a Knox Box?

    A Knox Box is a way for firefighters to gain entry to buildings without causing damage. During a fire alarm when no obvious signs of fire are apparent, firefighters can gain access to buildings to check whether an alarm is false or there is a problem. The advantage is there is no unnecessary damage caused by firefighters during a false alarm.  Please call the Ypsilanti Fire Dept. for more information on obtaining a Knox Box system.

    8. What kind of work schedule do firefighters work?

    Ypsilanti Firefighters work a 24 hour rotating shift working from 7:00am to 7:am the next day which follows a (24 on - 24 off - 24 on -24 - off 24 on - 96 off) schedule.  Averaging a 54 hour work week (overtime is not paid for the additional 14 hours of work.)