Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for employment hiring, administration, negotiation of Union contracts, and Equal Employment Opportunity compliance. 


The Human Resources Department mission is to provide quality service to employees and retirees, meeting their needs in employment, benefits, training, and safety while maintaining our city's policies and procedures.  

The City does not seek or retain volunteer services.

Current Job Opportunities

Learn about job descriptions associated with all city positions and check up on current job opportunities with the City.

Current Employee Forms

Visit this section for a listing of commonly requested forms.

Retiree Services

Visit this section to obtain healthcare contact information and forms related to retirement.

 Collective Bargaining Agreements

 Current collective bargaining agreements between the  City of  Ypsilanti and its union employees can be found in  this section.

Title VI

Click here to learn more about Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


Every person who receives a financial benefit from or through the City shall pay a living wage to all persons who work on the contract or whose base of employment is in the workplace or location that receives the grant money, tax abatement, or financial assistance.

Living wage shall be calculated using the Washtenaw County Living Wage Ordinance by the City Manager every two years to establish the hourly rates with and without healthcare for the next fiscal year.