Motorcycle Parking Permits

For renters and homeowners who wish to register a motorcycle for a residential parking permit, the process is virtually the same as the Car/Truck Residential Parking Permit (RPP) procedure. The motorcycle owner will be issued a residential permit just like a vehicle, and s/he is expected (but not mandated) to post the pass somewhere on the motorcycle.

The Ypsilanti Parking Enforcement Bureau and the City Treasurer's Department (the permit issuing bureau) agree that the posting of the permit is, at times, unreasonable on motorcycles.

Therefore, the two bureaus agree that when a parking enforcement officer is confronted with a motorcycle with no permit visible within a residential parking permit zone, the officer will verify that the motorcycle is listed in the Treasurer's Office database as a permit holder, and thus able to park in the RPP zone.

Visitor Passes Available
Motorcycle Visitor Passes are available to the first RPP holder in a household (similar to the Car/Truck RPP structure). The permit can be displayed on the visiting motorcycle, but it is not required. The RPP holder, however, is required to contact the Parking Enforcement Bureau two days prior to the visit or immediately upon the arrival of the visitor traveling on a motorcycle.

The RPP holder shall provide notification of a visitor who will be parking a motorcycle within the RPP zone. Therefore, when a parking enforcement officer is confronted with a motorcycle within an RPP, the officer will first contact the Treasurer's Office to determine if the motorcycle has acquired an RPP or visitor's pass in order to park in the RPP zone.