Human Resources

Mission Statement

The Human Resources Department mission is to provide quality service to employees and retirees, meeting their needs in employment, benefits, training, and safety while maintaining our city's policies and procedures.  

The City does not seek or retain volunteer services.


The Human Resources department aspires to build partnerships with employees at all levels and to create a culture of value for all employees. This culture encourages and rewards exceptional performance and continuous improvement, fosters teamwork, and supports balanced attention to work. The department will provide services of high quality while creating a healthy professional environment that fosters respect for both diverse perspectives and service orientation.

View our City of Ypsilanti Handbook here.

Living Wage

Every person who receives a financial benefit from or through the City shall pay a living wage to all persons who work on the contract or whose base of employment is in the workplace or location that receives the grant money, tax abatement, or financial assistance.

Living wage shall be calculated using the Washtenaw County Living Wage Ordinance (PDF) by the City Manager every two years to establish the hourly rates with and without healthcare for the next fiscal year.