Job Postings & Descriptions

The City of Ypsilanti's Human Resources Department utilizes iApplicants to advertise current job postings and accept online applications.

Please send all hard copy materials to Human Resources.

Printable Application

Job Descriptions

  1. Administrative Hearings Officer (PDF)
  2. Aquatic Instructor (PDF)
  3. Assistant City Manager/Human Resources Administrator
  4. Assistant Coach (PDF)
  5. Assistant to the City Manager (PDF)
  6. Building Inspector (PDF)
  7. City Assessor (PDF)
  8. City Clerk (PDF)
  9. Clerk/Treasury/Finance Generalist
  10. City Manager (PDF)
  11. Department of Public Services Account Technician (PDF)
  12. Department of Public Services Director (PDF)
  13. Deputy City Clerk (PDF)
  14. Director of Economic Development (PDF)
  15. Equipment Operator (PDF)
  16. Executive Secretary (PDF)
  17. Director of Fiscal Services (PDF)
  18. Finance Generalist-Accounts Payable (PDF)
  19. Finance Generalist-Payroll Technician (PDF)
  20. Fire Captain (PDF)
  21. Fire Chief (PDF)
  22. Fire Department Executive Secretary (PDF)
  23. Fire Lieutenant (PDF)
  24. Fire Marshal (PDF)
  25. Firefighter EMT (PDF)
  26. General Accountant I (PDF)
  27. General Accountant II (PDF)
  28. General Foreman (PDF)
  29. General Superintendent (PDF)
  30. Head Coach (PDF)
  31. Head Guard (PDF)
  32. Head Instructor (PDF)
  33. Heavy Equipment Operator (PDF)
  34. Housing Inspector (PDF)
  35. Human Resources Manager (PDF)
  36. Lifeguard (PDF)
  37. Mechanic (PDF)
  38. Office Manager (PDF)
  39. Ordinance Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  40. Parking Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  41. Payroll Administrator (PDF)
  42. Planner I (PDF)
  43. Police Administrative Services Manager (PDF)
  44. Police Chief (PDF)
  45. Police Lieutenant (PDF)
  46. Police Officer (PDF)
  47. Police Sergeant (PDF)
  48. Pool Business Manager (PDF)
  49. Pool Manager (PDF)
  50. Pool Program Director (PDF)
  51. Records Clerk (PDF)
  52. School Crossing Guard (PDF)
  53. Secretary II (PDF)
  54. Sign Specialist (PDF)
  55. Temporary Laborer (PDF)
  56. Treasurer (PDF)
  57. Treasury Technician (PDF)
  58. Water Aerobics Instructor (PDF)