Current & Upcoming Planning Projects

2019 is an exciting year for planning in the City!  This year we are working on a Master Plan Update, a new Sustainability Plan, a Parks Plan update, a Nonmotorized Plan update, and potentially a Housing Plan!    Read on for more information about each and opportunities to become involved, and remember to follow the City's Facebook page or sign up for text and/or email alerts (select "Planning Initiatives 2019") for the latest information!

​Master Plan & Sustainability Plan

The City adopted a completely new Master Plan, Shape Ypsilanti, in 2013. The state mandates that master plans be reviewed and updated at least every 5 years. Help us keep ours up to date!  Although the City has a Climate Action Plan and an Energy Plan, we don't yet have a Sustainability Plan!  Help us chart the path to sustainability.

  • Ward 1 open house & visioning: Monday, September 9th, 6pm, Parkridge Community Center @ 591 Armstrong Drive!
  • Ward 2 open house & visioning: Thursday, August 22nd, 7pm, Ypsilanti Senior Center @ 1015 Congress!
  • Ward 3 open house & visioning: Wednesday, August 14th, 7pm, Riverside Arts Center!
  • Look for "living walls" around the City at EMU's student center, in Depot Town (location tbd), in Downtown at City Hall, and at Parkridge Community Center through September 30!
  • Take the survey at!

Huron/Hamilton/Washtenaw Lane Reduction

When Huron, Hamilton, and Washtenaw were last designed, the City was seeing an increase in traffic; a decrease in people walking, biking, and taking transit; and the majority of people who lives and worked in Ypsilanti worked regular 9-5 jobs (or other standard shifts), which led to predictable traffic jams as people left work and shifts changed. Today, these same roads are seeing more bicyclists and walkers, and fewer "shift change" pressures, leading to roads that are wide open- leading drivers to greater speeds, despite more pedestrians attempting to cross and the same number of driveways and side streets. In order to improve the safety of these roads, the City is working with MDOT to evaluate the potential to change one of these streets' three lanes to a bicycle lane.  Please spread the word to your friends, and join us at an upcoming public input session!

  • City Council heard an update on the technical feasibility study on September 10th in Council Chambers, as part of their regularly scheduled meeting- see the report here!

Parks Plan

The City's last Parks Plan was adopted in 2013, and much like the Master Plan, we're obligated to update it every five years. Plus, so much has changed and improved since then!  Help us continue this success and let us know what you'd like to see in our parks in the future.

​Nonmotorized Plan

Can you believe our Nonmotorized Plan was adopted in 2010?  It's time to give it a refresh!

​Housing Plan

Planning Commission has heard a lot of interest in housing- and it responded!  Currently, there's a subcommittee working on assembling a housing plan. They've released a survey to help them rank their current recommendations- take it here! 

​Other Recent and Current Work