Zoning Ordinance & Zoning Maps

The City of Ypsilanti zoning map and zoning ordinance reflect the goals of the most recently adopted City Master Plan. Following are links to the zoning map for the city and the most recently updated ordinance. Note that these are large PDFs.

Zoning Map

View the Zoning Map (PDF). Each parcel or property in the City is in a specific zoning district, and may have additional restrictions or permissions on individual properties, due to Limited Building Types, Special Use Permits, or Variances. The map notes the corresponding district for each parcel and permitted Limited Building Types in the City; it does not make note of special use permits or variances. Most properties within the City do not have these modifiers.
If you are having trouble locating your property on these maps, Washtenaw County's GIS mapping system may help you. 

Zoning Ordinance Text

View the Zoning Ordinance Text effective on December 31, 2020. The zoning ordinance may be modified throughout the year. Here are a list of ordinance amendments that have not yet been published into the full PDF document:
Ordinance No. 1374 - Zoning Periodic Update 2021
Ordinance No. 1379 - Adult Regulated Uses Zoning Update
Ordinance No. 1382 - Residential Modifications Zoning Update
Ordinance No. 1385 - Zoning Periodic Update 2022

For the full Code of Ordinances, please visit the City Clerk.

Thinking About Planting a Street Tree?

Please see the tree list (PDF) for suggested street trees. Visit the Department of Public Services webpage for the tree permit and guidance on how and where to plant a tree.

Fact Sheets on Zoning Ordinances

Fact sheets are available in the Permit Center, often with their relevant application forms.