Sidewalk Repair Program

Sidewalk Repair Program
The City of Ypsilanti is committed to maintain and continually improve the walkability of the City's sidewalk system, by implementing the City of Ypilanti Sidewalk Repair Program. 

Once a violation notice is received, property owners have the option of completing the repairs on their own, provided the work is completed in a timely manner. If the work is not completed by the homeowner, the City's contractor will make the repairs and the homeowner will be assessed.

This work will be located in various locations within the City of Ypsilanti, as determined by the Code Enforcement Officer. Quantities are estimated and could change.
  • Any property owner notified, billed or assessed may appeal to the Sidewalk Repair Appeal Board. There is no fee.
  • Notice of appeal must be delivered to the City Clerk, in writing, no later than 10 days from the date of the service of any sidewalk notice, bill or assessment.
  • Appeal will be heard within 30 days of notice of appeal.
  • The Sidewalk Repair Appeal Board has the power and authority to uphold, deny or modify the actions of the City.
  • Appeal from the Sidewalk Repair Appeal Board shall be to the Circuit Court.
Questions? Contact Code Enforcement at 734-482-2061.