Parking Lots & Street Parking

Parking Lots & Street Parking Cut-outs
City-Owned Parking Lots
  • Adams Street
  • Ballard Street
  • Depot Town (Freight House)
  • Depot Town (Frog Island)
  • Lower City Hall (including Bank of Ann Arbor Parking Lot)
  • Maple Street Lot
  • North Huron
  • Pearl / N Washington Street
  • Recreation Park (Senior Center)
  • South Huron
  • Upper City Hall
If snow fall exceeds 3 inches, parking lots will be cleared within 48 hours after snowfall has ended. A crew will be brought in between 3 - 6 a.m. to clear parking lots of snow.

Parking lot entrances will be posted 24 hours prior to clearing, using the following signage: “No Parking between 3- 6 a.m., Violators Will Be Towed,” with the date specified for the morning the snow will be cleared from the parking lot.

Residential parking permit holders will not be ticketed or towed from on-street parking while lots are being cleared of snow.

On-Street Parking Cut-Outs
  • Cross Street (N River Street to Huron River)
  • Cross Street (Washington to Normal Street)
  • Michigan Avenue (Huron River Bridge to Ballard Street)
  • N Huron (Michigan Avenue to Pearl Street)
  • Pearl Street (N Huron to Adams Street)
  • S Washington (Ferris to Michigan Avenue)
Parking cutouts in the downtown area (Michigan Avenue and one block north and south of Michigan Avenue) will be posted with “No Parking, Tow Away from 3 - 6 a.m." Ypsilanti Police Department will have violators towed to allow the DPS crew to remove snow from these areas.

Residential parking permit holders will be notified in advance by the DDA via internet and or email to use on-street parking other than parking cut-outs.