Trash Pickup Schedule

Weekly Trash Pickup Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 Area 5
Ainsley Ballard (0-399) Arcade Arnet Ainsworth Circle
Anna College Place Ballard (400-599) Babbit Arbor Drive
Bellevue Congress Carver Bell Armstrong
Cambridge Driscoll Court Charles Buffalo Brooks
Collegewood W. Michigan (0-99 odd) Cherry Court Casler Burton Court
Cornell Elm Dwight Catherine E. Ainsworth
Cornell Court Emmet E. Cross (0-835) Chidester Ferris (400-799)
Courtland Grant E. Forest (0-860) Davis First Avenue
Douglas Hiawatha Florence E. Michigan (0-799) First Court
Elbridge Linden Court Gordon Ecorse Franklin
Fairview Circle N and S Summit Helen Emerick Frederick (800-1099)
Green (apartments only) N. Adams (0-399) Hemphill Factory Grassland
Gregory N. Congress Holmes Farmer Harriett (400-899)
Hillside Court N. Hamilton (0-399) Jarvis Ferrier Hart Place
Huron River Drive N. Huron (0-399) Jenness Ferris (0-399) Hawkins (0-599)
Kewanee N. Mansfield (0-399) Lowell Ford Hill
Kingwood N. Normal Maple Garland Ivy Lane (apartments Only)
LeForge N. River (0-399 odd) Maple Court High Jefferson
Louise N. Wallace N. Adams (400-699) Kramer Leaf Court (apartments Only)
Marion N. Washington (0-399) N. Hamilton (400-599) Lincoln Lumber
Mark Ninde N. Huron (400-899) Locust Madison
N. Mansfield (400-899) Oakwood (0-499) N. Park Martin Place Middle Drive
Oakwood (500-799) Owendale (0-399) N. Prospect (400-899) Maus Monroe
Oxford Pearl N. River (400-971) Mildred Orchard
Owendale (400-499) Perrin (0-399) N. Washington (400-599) Miles Perry
Roosevelt Photo Norris N. Grove S. Hamilton (0-499 even)
University Court Pleasant Drive Oak (0-899) N. Park S. Hamilton (500-599)
W. Cross (900-1724) S. Mansfield Olive N. Prospect (0-399) Second
Washtenaw (900-2198) S. Normal Osband N. River (0-398 even) Short
Whittier Sheridan Perrin (400-499) North Small Place
Witmire Sherman Railroad Parsons Timberlane (apartments Only)

W. Michigan (0-499 even) St. John/Ann Prospect Court Vine

Washtenaw (0-899) Stanley S. Adams W. Ainsworth

Westmoorland Thomas S. Grove W. Michigan (400-899 odd)

Woods Twin Towers S. Hamilton (0-499 odd) W. Michigan (500-899 even)

Virginia S. Huron W. Michigan (900-1024)

Vought S. Lincoln Warner

W. Cross (0-899) S. Park Watling

W. Forest S. Prospect Woody Court (apartments Only)

S. River Worden

S. Washington





Vinewood Court

W. Michigan (0-399 odd)



What Day Is Trash Day?
Please click on the following schedule to find out when your area is scheduled for pickup service:
Weekly Trash Service Schedule (PDF)

If you have any questions, please contact:
Department of Public Services
14 Forest Street
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Phone: 734-483-1421

Double Trash Limit Week
Double trash limit week permits residents to set out two times the normal trash volume on their regular trash day. This means that a single family home may set out six 32-gallon containers and two large items during this week. Two-unit apartments may set out twelve 32-gallon containers and four large items. Three units or more may set out eighteen 32-gallon containers and six large items.

When is "double trash limit" week?
The City provides two "double trash limit" weeks per year, one in spring and one in late summer.