Meet the Staff

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Frances McMullan, City Manager

Frances McMullan has over 28 years of municipal administrative experience.  She worked for 17.5 years for the city of Ann Arbor and has been employed 12 years by the city of Ypsilanti, serving as Deputy City Clerk, City Clerk, City Clerk/Deputy City Treasurer, and three terms as Interim City Manager.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Public Law and Government/Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Management from the University of Phoenix. She also has the designations of Certified Municipal Clerk and Certified Municipal Treasurer.  In 2018 McMullan was chosen as one of 25 women leaders for the MML Woman’s Municipal Leadership Program and studied to become a city manager, training with the Michigan Municipal League 16/50 Project where she received personal coaching, networking, budgeting and economic development training. She graduated from the course and was honored at the awards dinner of the MML Lansing Convention on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.