Fatal Accident Investigation Team


The City of Ypsilanti Police Department belongs to a county consortium Fatal Accident Investigation Team. The need for a highly trained and specialized team was brought about by the intricacy of traffic collisions and to further understand complex causal factors. 

The object of the team was to provide the YPD and other participating jurisdictions with the tools and knowledge to investigate and analyze major injury or fatal collisions that would be impossible without this collaboration. The goal of the team is to be able to identify the factors and causes of collisions that occur in the City of Ypsilanti and around the county and develop information that may lead to the prevention of further incidents.

Fatal Accident Investigation Team duties are supplementary to their duties in the Traffic Bureau.  Members can be called in at any time of the day or night for an investigation. They are trained in various levels of collision investigation including reconstruction, skid mark analysis and velocity calculations.