Tree Removal Schedule

Shown below is the anticipated tree removal and tree trimming schedule.  Please note that this schedule is dependent on weather conditions as well as available manpower. The city only removes or trims trees that are on city owned property. 

If you would like a city owned tree to be considered for trimming or removal, please contact the Department of Public Service at (734) 483-1421.

September 2019 Tree Removal/Trimming

Property Address Status
1918 Collegewood Remove
373 2nd Ave Remove
706 Stanley St. Remove
708 Dwight St. Remove
811 Dwight St. Remove
315 Maple St. Remove
305 Maple St. Remove
618 N. Prospect St. Remove
626 Norris St. Remove
520 N. Adams St. Remove
424 N. Washington St. Remove
210 W. Cross St. Remove
315 N. Washington St. Remove
211 Woodward St. Remove
201 S. Washington St.  Remove
1214 N. Congress St. Remove
117 Perrin St.  Remove

October 2019 Tree Removal/Trimming

Property Address Status
1207 Pearl St. Remove
204 Elm St. Remove
2 N. Normal St. Remove
108 N. Normal St. Remove
113 N. Normal St.  Remove
308 S. Adams St. (3 Trees) Remove
209 Arnet St. (2 Trees) Remove
200 Harriet St.  Remove
603 1st Ave Remove
322 1st Ave Remove
1806 Whittier Remove
117 Miles St.  Remove
110 Miles St.  Remove
135 S. Prospect St. Remove

November 2019 Tree Removal/Trimming

Property Address Status
1016 N. Congress St. Trim
1043 Louise St. Trim
316 N. Grove Trim
418 Ainsworth Circle Trim
412 Ainsworth Circle Trim
207 E. Ainsworth St. Trim
314 N. Adams St.  Trim
1308 Collegewood St.  Trim
712 N. Prospect Trim