Weddings in Ypsilanti

Is your heart set on getting married in the City of Ypsilanti?  It can be very overwhelming to plan a wedding.  With that being said, here is a quick list of things to consider if you are planning to get married in the City.  Hopefully it helps you feel a little more at ease leading up to the big day.


State and Local Laws for Weddings

  • Before doing anything else, visit the County's website to learn about the important laws for getting married in Washtenaw County and find information on how to obtain a marriage license.
  • By state law, the Mayor can marry people anywhere within Washtenaw County.  See MCL Section 551.7
  • The City’s fee is $25 if you choose to have the Mayor officiate the wedding.  Cash or check are both accepted and can also be paid to the Mayor to be turned in to the City Treasurer.

Scheduling Weddings with the Mayor

  • Mayor Beth Bashert is more than happy to marry couples of any gender within Washtenaw County, pending her availability, which varies.
  • Please schedule at least 3 weeks before the wedding date.
  • Availability includes weekdays, evenings and weekends.
  • Officiating can normally be done within the City Hall Council Chambers, but locations may vary based on the couples choosing.
  • Couples should bring two witnesses for the ceremony, but if none are available the City staff is more than happy to act as witnesses during the workday.
  • The Mayor has a short civil ceremony that she will share, this can be edited as you wish, and of course you can bring and write your own ceremony to be read. 

If you are interested in in Mayor Bashert officiating your wedding, contact her at or call (734) 483-1100. 

Weddings in the Park

  • Weddings taking place within a City Park such as the Riverside Park Gazebo and Frog Island Park shall be classified as special events and are thus subject to the Special Events Policy.
  • Weddings are classified as CLASS 1 EVENTS because they are low hazard and private events.  
  • Application for Weddings must be received 15 days prior to event.
  •  If you are interested in having your wedding in a City park, a Special Events Application can be completed online, and then you will be contacted by the Special Events Coordinator.
  •  Weddings taking place in City parks will also be subject to the City’s Fee Schedule