Current News

The Ypsilanti Police Department has been awarded a grant from the US Department of Justice, Byrne Memorial JAG grant program.  The grant is in the amount of $13,651, and there is no required matching funds.  A constant concern from citizens all over the community is traffic volume and speeding.  One proven method for addressing these problems is the use of a traffic monitoring trailer.  The trailer can be used to gather traffic and violation data so that police resources can be more efficiently deployed for enforcement details.  In addition, the trailer can be used to advise drivers how fast they are going, as some drivers may not be aware of their speed.  Either way, we would be making the area in which the trailer is deployed safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

The department has had a traffic trailer, but it is over ten years old and is broken more than it is operational.  At this point, it is more cost effective over time to replace it than to continuously repair it and have it out of service.

A requirement of the grant is to have public comment and input as to the use of the funds.  If you believe that this is a good use of the money, please let us know.  If you think that there are other things that would be a better use for the money, please let us know that as well.