Residential Permit Parking

This page discusses residential parking permits outside of the commercial areas of the central business district.  Consult this map to see if your address falls within one of the on-street residential zones.

General Application RequirementsResidential Parking Permit enforcement areas map 2021-11 Opens in new window

  • Proof of residency within the relevant area (acceptable proof of residency includes a driver's license, lease, or utility bill.) 
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Current driver's license
  • All existing parking citations must be paid before a permit can be issued, even for renewals.

On-Street Residential Parking Permits

An On-Street Residential Parking Permit allows you to park on any street marked with permit parking signs within your zone.  The fees and rules of use for these permits can be found below:

  • Permit Renewal Fee: $25 - NO PAYMENTS ACCEPTED AT CITY HALL AFTER 4 PM. 
  • Additional Visitor Pass Fee: $25 - NO PAYMENTS ACCEPTED AT CITY HALL AFTER 4 PM. 
  • This permit is a sticker that should be placed in the bottom driver's side corner of your windshield.
  • Streets included in the Residential Permit Parking program are marked with signs stating the hours of enforcement; hours of enforcement vary by area. 
  • If you do not own a car, you may apply for a Location Only Permit. These permits have the same cost as residential permits. Contact the Parking Manager for more information.
  • Permit renewals close on September 30.
  • There is no limit on the amount of residential permits that can be issued per address, but only two visitors' passes may be issued per address. The first one is free.
  • The visitor's pass is a card that should be placed on the driver's side dashboard when in use.
  • Each address can only be issued a total of two visitor passes. For the purposes of these passes, each unit in a multi-unit property is considered a separate address. Visitor permits may not be used in place of a residential pass by residents.
  • Please note that parking permits are not valid at metered or other time-limited (60 minute, 90 minute, 2-hour free) spaces. 

The "paper" application for an On-Street Residential Parking Permit can be found here, and it can be mailed or dropped off to City Hall at 1 S Huron, Ypsilanti MI 48197.  Permits may also be purchased online at


Motorcycles are issued permits through the same process as other vehicles and should be visibly displayed somewhere on the vehicle.

In order to use a visitor pass with a motorcycle that is unable to display the physical pass, the owner of the pass must contact the Parking Enforcement Bureau at least two days prior to the visitor arriving. This is so a note can be made of the license plate number and the length of the visit, so all Parking Enforcement Officers can be informed that vehicle is legally parked and does not need to be ticketed.

Special Event Parking

Inquiries or requests regarding parking during events, such as estate sales, athletic events, or block parties, must be made in writing at least one week in advance either by email to or by dropping it off at City Hall.  These requests are evaluated on a case by case basis and an events permit or other permit may also be required.  Contractor passes are available at City Hall for $25/week.