Current Projects

Current City and partner construction projects in the City will be listed here and updated regularly.  To see the City's full 5-year capital improvements plan, please visit the Capital Improvements Planning page.

Construction Year 2022 and beyond

YCUA Water Infrastructure

The Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA) will be making improvements to both existing water and wastewater utilities within the M-17 and US-12 corridors in the City of Ypsilanti. The project will be completed over the course of the next 2 years with work starting in the vicinity of South Hamilton Street, South Huron Street, and Interstate 94 and proceeding northerly from there; ultimately the project encompasses Washtenaw (West Cross to Hamilton), Hamilton (Washtenaw to I-94), Huron (Cross to I-94) and Michigan (Ballard to the Huron River). The work will include water and sewer main replacements and water service line replacements.  Up-to-date information will be posted at

MDOT Pavement Rehabilitation;  and Pedestrian Crossing of I-94

Shortly after YCUA's project begins, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will begin construction of a pedestrian pathway over I-94 by converting the westernmost southbound lane of Huron to a shared-use path.  MDOT will also follow YCUA’s infrastructure work with a pavement maintenance and road diet project. MDOT will also be adding and updating many pedestrian crosswalk ramps, including on Michigan Avenue downtown. Once the pavement work is complete, the roadways will be restriped with bike lanes, improved crosswalks, and improved bus stop markings. For more information about the road diet project, please visit here.  Up-to-date information will be posted at

Forest Ave Bridge Deck Repair

The  Forest Avenue bridge over the Huron River deck repairs are in the process of being scheduled. 

MDOT Sidewalk Gap Infill, M-17

MDOT will construct new sidewalk on Washtenaw Road (M-17) west of Anna, as well as install modern ADA ramps crossing Anna along the south side of Washtenaw, adjacent to Dom's Bakery.

ADA Ramp Updates

Several sidewalk ramps throughout the City will be updated to the latest accessible standard. 

Parkridge Park

Accessibility upgrades are planned for the westernmost entrance of Parkridge Park, near the Parkridge Community Center.   The concrete of the pavilion is also planned to be repaired.

2023: Huron River Drive (Cornell to LeForge)

The City is planning to reconstruct Huron River Drive in 2023. As part of this reconstruction, we plan to add sidewalks to the north side, upgrade crosswalks at Cornell, Oakwood, and LeForge, and convert a travel lane to a center turn lane, resulting in safer travels for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Preliminary designs are available in PDF format here, and a public input meeting is planned for Wednesday March 16th,  6pm, at City Hall. For more information on this project please contact Bonnie Wessler at

Construction Year 2021

Oakwood & Spring

The City of Ypsilanti’s contractor (Gibraltar Construction) and consulting engineer (OHM Advisors) performed work on Oakwood Street between Congress and Sherman Street , and on Spring Street just east of the Huron River in September and October 2021. This project is substantially complete, but there are several small items that the contractor will be coming back to repair &/or complete.

ADA Sidewalk Ramps

ADA-compliant crosswalk ramps will be installed &/or updated as needed at the intersections of Roosevelt/Kewanee, Mansfield/Collegewood,  and on the northwest corner of Whittier & Bellvue.  ADA-compliant crosswalk ramps will be installed at the intersections of E Cross & Garland and Miles & Garland. This project is substantially complete, but there are small items that the contractor will be coming back to repair &/or complete.

West Cross Water Infrastructure and Pavement Rehabilitation (YCUA and MDOT)

Earlier this summer, YCUA undertook a significant water infrastructure modernization project in West Cross from Huron to Summit Street. This project significantly updated the water system to help ensure system reliability.  MDOT then began a resurfacing project with associated work in the right-of-way, following the YCUA project, on West Cross from Huron to Summit Street.  This project is substantially complete, but there are small items that the contractor will be coming back to repair &/or complete, including striping.