Fire & Police Retirement System

The City of Ypsilanti Police and Fire Retirement System is created under the guidelines of Public Act 345 of 1937. It provides for the establishment, maintenance, and administration of pension and retirement benefits of the personnel of fire and police departments employed by the City.

Board of Trustees

The Board is vested with the authority and fiduciary responsibility for the administration, management and operation of the Retirement System, and shall make rules and regulations necessary to the proper conduct of the business of the Retirement System. The establishment and implementation of various administrative policies and procedures is an essential aspect of that fiduciary responsibility.


  • Andrew Hopper, President Term at Pleasure
  • Vacant, Trustee Term at Pleasure
  • Rheagan Basabica, City Treasurer City Representative
  • Brent Yuchasz, Police Trustee
  • Clifton Pope, Fire Trustee