Adopt a Park


The City of Ypsilanti, in partnership with citizen volunteers on the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission, have developed the Adopt-A-Park program to encourage neighbors, community groups, local businesses, and service clubs to dig in to help keep our community’s Parks and Recreation system vibrant. From larger community-wide parks that host major events, to neighborhood pocket parks and tot lots, this public green space in our community is a major asset of our City and used by a diversity of residents.

Our Parks Need You

Whether you’re part of a business that facilitates an annual park clean-up service day, or a neighborhood organization who performs ongoing litter removal, or a youth group who wants to do a special project to improve a park, the Adopt-A-Park program is for you! If your group has already worked in the parks, or this is your first time, all participants need to follow the Adopt-A-Park process to assure you that everyone is safe and that your efforts are put to the best use. We also want to be able to recognize you or your group for the effort you put in.

What Does It Mean to Adopt-A-Park?

Adopting a park can mean many things, and this program can be a fit for you whether you want to make a one-time or ongoing commitment to a park. Here are just a few ways it can look:
  • Your neighborhood association agrees to be the litter patrol for the park, sending a team out at least once a month to keep the park clean;
  • Your civic group has a spring and fall volunteer day in a park, doing maintenance of planting beds and spreading mulch;
  • Your scout troop wants to help spruce up a park as a summer service project, and repaints the park benches;
  • During Ypsi's spring cleanup day, your church wants to install flowers in existing beds in a park
  • Your business works to raise funds to install or repair park signs, and then holds a clean-up day to celebrate this effort.
  • As an individual you help care for a specific flower bed throughout the season-watering, weeding, and mulching it as appropriate.

The safety and maintenance needs for each park are identified by the Department of Public Services. Additionally, special projects, improvements, and maintenance priorities in our parks are guided by our Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Ready to Adopt-A-Park? Apply now!

Fill out one of the following the applicable applications, (group or individual), and drop it off at the
Department of Public Services
14 W Forest
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Or send via email at least one month before your planned activity.


What Happens After I Submit My Application?
You will be contacted by a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission or the Public Services Department with additional questions or clarifications, and/or to let you know your application has been approved. Once you have an approved application, the week before you perform work in the parks, please contact Public Services for additional information or materials/supplies requests.

On the Job: Safety!
Each participant in the City of Ypsilanti Adopt-A-Park Program must review these Safety Guidelines before performing services at the adopted site and must abide by them while performing services at or on the adopted site.
  • Work only during daylight hours and in appropriate weather. no work should be done in inclement weather.
  • The use of any power tools or heavy equipment is prohibited.
  • Wear protective clothing including work gloves, sturdy shoes and long sleeved shirts and pants to prevent injury from sharp objects, insect stings, sunburn and poison ivy. Light colored clothing is most visible.
  • Don’t overexert yourself. Take breaks and drink plenty of water on warm days. Wear sunscreen and other sun protection (hats, sunglasses) if necessary.
  • Be aware of your surroundings to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Be especially careful if you are using tools.
  • Do not wear headsets or engage in horseplay or other conduct that would divert your attention from your work or impair your ability to perceive hazards from traffic or other dangerous situations.
  • Provide adequate supervision for participants under the age of 18.
  • Avoid areas where hazardous conditions exist such as: roads, parking lots, bridges, construction sites and areas where mowing, tree trimming or pest control is in progress. Report any hazardous situations immediately to Public Services. Watch for any power lines which may be down.
  • If you are picking up litter, use caution in handling collected items. Do not crush collected items; broken or jagged objects could cause injury. Do not try to pick up heavy, large or hazardous materials.
  • While doing work in the parks do not drive motorized vehicles on the grass or any paths that prohibit motorized vehicles. Park only in designated areas.
  • Report any accidents or incidents on the Incident Report Form provided by the City of Ypsilanti. If of an emergency nature while performing volunteer activities, please call 9-1-1.