Retrieving a Towed Vehicle

Vehicles may be towed for many different reasons.

If your vehicle was towed by the Ypsilanti Police Department, it will be towed by
Wall Street/Budget Towing
876 Railroad
Ypsilanti MI 48197

Only the registered owner of the vehicle can obtain the vehicle release. Please bring a photo ID, preferably your driver’s license with you. There is no cost for the release form.

Wall Street Towing will not allow owners to enter their property or view a vehicle without a release form. We suggest you pick your vehicle up as soon as possible. The tow company charges storage fees that accumulate per day. Wall Street Towing is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If Your Vehicle Was Towed By the Police Department

Steps to follow if your vehicle has been towed by the police department:
  1. Call Wall Street/Budget Towing and check if they have your vehicle.
  2. Verify the forms of payment they accept.
  3. Go to Wall Street/Budget Towing with your photo identification. Only the registered owner of the vehicle can obtain the release form.

    Wall Street/Budget Towing
    876 Railroad
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197
    Phone: 734-485-2055
    Fax: 734-485-4950

Vehicles Towed Due to Unpaid Parking Tickets

Vehicles may be towed if the owner amasses 6 or more unpaid parking citations. If your vehicle was towed for this reason, you will first need to pay the fine.
  1. Call the City Treasurer’s office at 734-483-1103 to find out the amount due.
  2. Go to the City Treasurer's office on the third floor of City Hall, 1 S. Huron, and pay the amount due. Payment for tickets on a towed vehicle may be made with cash or credit; the City of Ypsilanti accepts Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. You will get a paid receipt.
  3. Take your paid receipt and your picture ID to the
    Ypsilanti Police Station
    505 W Michigan Avenue
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197

    They can then issue you a vehicle release form to take to Wall Street/Budget Towing.