Street Sweeping

Please make note of when crews will be in your area and be sure to keep the street clear of vehicles and clutter. 

Areas roughly correspond to days of the week for rubbish pickup:

  • Area 1 is roughly Monday pickup; 
  • Area 2 is roughly Tuesday pickup; 
  • Area 3 is roughly Wednesday pickup; 
  • Area 4 is roughly Thursday pickup; 
  • Area 5 is roughly Friday pickup.

 Major streets will be swept first and then local streets in round 1; in subsequent rounds they will be swept together. 

Timelines below are subject to change.   Due to the level of sediment and/or debris &/or obstructions on the roads the time for each section could be longer or shorter. We also  take time out of the schedule to sweep for special events, such as parades and street closures. 

Anticipated Schedule for 2023

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
Trunklines (M-17 & M-12)Early AprilFirst week of JulyBegins week of 8/28Begins early October
Area 1 Late AprilSecond week of July
Area 2 Early MayThird week of July 
Area 3  Late MayFourth week of July
Area 4 Early JuneFifth week of July/early August
Area 5 Late JuneFirst full week of August

A Street Sweeper