Vacant & Dangerous Buildings

Vacant & Dangerous Buildings
On January 15, 2003, City Council passed an ordinance to provide enforcement and resolution procedures dealing with unsafe and dangerous buildings.

Property owners of buildings that are deemed dangerous will be charged a monthly inspection fee as well as escrow for potential demolition or rehabilitation of their property.

Staff remains primarily focused on buildings that are:
  • Blighted
  • Negatively impacting neighborhoods
  • Providing dangerous conditions
  • In the care of unresponsive property owners
Please contact the Building Department or Fire Department to report a vacant or dangerous building.

Dangerous List Triggering Events
A vacant property moves to the Dangerous Buildings list through one or more of the following triggering events:
  • Fire or emergency personnel response
  • Law enforcement response
  • Excessive ordinance enforcement and subsequent abatements
  • Remains vacant for 12 months (due to prioritization, they will remain on the vacant list if they are in good condition and the property owner remains engaged)
  • Citations issued or complaints made regarding property maintenance (often led by neighbors or neighborhood groups)
Dangerous Buildings
After a triggering event, inspection of the property is conducted to determine if the building is dangerous. The following contribute to the determination:
  • Exits do not meet fire code
  • The building is damaged by fire, wind, flood, neglect, or vandalism
  • Part of the building is likely to collapse and injure persons or damage the property
  • Settling of the structure to the point of structural weakness
  • Collapse due to dilapidation, decay, or faulty construction
  • Building becomes an attractive nuisance by harboring vagrants or criminals
  • Building is deemed unsanitary, unfit for human habitation, or likely to cause sickness/disease