What to Expect When You Get to the Polls

Voters will enter the polling location and fill out an application to vote and show your photo identification (if you have it, otherwise you will also fill out an affidavit of identity). Your name will be found and highlighted in the Electronic Poll Book and List of Voters.

You will be issued a ballot and offered instruction about how to properly mark the rectangles, that there are two sides of the ballot to vote, how to receive assistance if you need it, and more.

You will proceed to a voting booth and mark your ballot using the pen provided to you. If you make a mistake, tell the election workers present and they will spoil the ballot and issue you another one.

When done marking your ballot, you will proceed to the ballot tabulator. Your ballot stub containing the number will be removed, and you will insert your ballot into the ballot tabulator. Your ballot will be accepted by the tabulator.

You have voted!